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Allergies and other allergic reactions can contribute to the onset of sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs when allergies trigger swelling in your sinus and nasal mucous linings, which causes sinus passages to close up. Bacteria becomes trapped in the upper airway and bacteria in the sinuses can cause a sinus infection. Los Angeles allergy doctor, Dr. Farhad Sigari can help.

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Your sinus condition can be treated by Dr. Sigari and the Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute. Using your medical history and advanced diagnostic equipment such as our CT scanner located on-site, Dr. Sigari can accurately assess your condition. To solve your condition, we offer treatments including sublingual immunotherapy, which can be done at home. We may also prescribe other treatments for your allergic symptoms, including balloon sinus dilation. Contact us today to make an appointment


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About Your Allergy Specialist Doctor

Since graduating from The Chicago Medical School and undertaking a surgical internship at the University of Chicago Hospital, Dr. Sigari has become one of the top rated ENT’s (otolaryngologist) in the U.S. Dr. Sigari is a leading sinus doctor in greater Los Angeles and has been awarded the Patients’ Choice Award several times. He participates in advanced trials of new technology and techniques, and trains other doctors in the latest procedures.

Dr. Sigari is ranked nationally by Healthtap.com in multiple areas of expertise. His excellent patient reviews are a testament to his high standards of patient satisfaction. Dr. Sigari has multiple areas of ENT expertise and his patients has often been referred to as the “Los Angeles Allergy Doctor.”