Most people have a deviated septum (or crooked wall between the nostrils) to some degree. But when your deviation is severe, it can block one side of your nose and reduce airflow, obstructing your breathing through one or both sides of your nose. Another unpleasant, potential side-effect of septal deviation is that the reduced passageway can dry the inside of the nose, resulting in crusting or bleeding. If you have trouble breathing or other symptoms, it could be because of a deviated septum.

Our solution

Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute specializes in effective procedures such as septoplasty. This surgery straightens the nasal septum by adjusting or trimming the cartilage and/or bone in the nose.

We use the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques to quickly and effectively repair and correct the septum so you can breathe better again. Our surgeons use precise CT scans to get a clear map of the cause of deviation. To correct the deviation, the doctor will make small incisions inside the nose, and then correct by trimming or repositioning the cartilage or bone.

This video explains the process of septoplasty surgery.

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Septoplasty requires use of anesthesia, and our minimally invasive techniques help ensure that pain is minimized and recovery takes place as quickly as possible. Our patients typically are back to work and getting on with their lives within just a couple of days!

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s one review from our Yelp page:

Dr.Sigari uses top of the line methods to ensure fast healing, and the whole procedure was virtually painless. I only had to miss two days of work for surgery, and it was so worth it. I can breathe so much better and I didn’t have to worry about using stints in my nose so the healing process has been super quick and easy. – Amber N.

Amber N.

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