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Dr. Farhad Sigari | ENT doctor | Sinus doctor for Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles

Say goodbye to antibiotics, congestion, post-nasal drip and sinus pressure right now!  Balloon sinus dilation can open blocked sinus passages with a quick, minimally invasive procedure.  Until recently, clinical treatment of chronically blocked sinuses meant invasive sinus surgery, but balloon sinus dilation is a procedure that involves no cutting, minimal pain and downtime and no nasal packing!

Not sure sinus dilation is right for you? We have advanced diagnostic equipment right in our office, so we can accurately examine your nose and sinuses, and determine the best course of treatment.  Then if you do choose to have a sinus procedure, we can do it right here in our office in Marina Del Rey. You don’t have to go anywhere else.

Del Rey Sinus Institute is a leading provider of this advanced treatment, which has given our patients the freedom to quickly breathe freely again.  So contact us today to make an appointment.

We offer these key benefits:

  • Speed: Our procedure can be done in less than an hour, in-office, and you can be back at work the next day.
  • Effectiveness: This advanced technique can deliver immediate, lasting relief.
  • Convenience: We have a CT scanner and Joint Commission-certified surgery suite, so you don’t need to go anywhere else from first visit through follow-up.
  • Expertise: Leading doctor Farhad Sigari, M.D., ENT doctor, sinus doctor and medical expert, is a board-certified otolarynologist (“ear, nose, throat” doctor) who is a Fellow and Member of the American College of Surgeons.
  • Quality: Dr. Sigari and staff offer an exceptional level of care to our patients. Check out our five-star reviews and Healthgrades awards!

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