Dr. Sigari wins the 2018 Doctors’ Choice Awards City Winner

Doctors’ Choice Awards just announced their 2018 Winners and it’s a great honour that Dr. Sigari has been recognized.

The Doctors’ Choice Awards has long been one of the most respected medical review and rating websites. The DCA first developed the award in 2014 to recognize outstanding doctors based on impeccable practice credentials, outstanding leadership within the profession, and the quality and quantity of endorsements from their peers from around the country. The DCA platforms allows doctors to rate and recommend the doctors they trust with their own health to, as well as those they have worded with, mentored, studied under, or had other professional associations with.

Doctors who choose to join this program must meet the minimum number of reviews and quality rating before receiving a profile badge. The best doctor in each city , and each specialty is named the local winner. From this pool of premier doctors, a national winner is chosen according to their quality and quantity of peer reviews.


Dr. Farhad Sigari 2018 Patients’ Choice Award

Congratulations to Dr. Farhad Sigari on being awarded his 11th consecutive Patients’ Choice Award . He has once again been ranked among the top physicians in the nation based on patient reviews. Only doctors who have received top scores by their patients and pass other quality measures are awarded the Patients’ Choice Award. Dr. Sigari has made the list consecutively since 2008, not only for being Patients’ Choice Award, but also for Compassionate Doctor Recognition and On-Time Doctor Award as well.

Dr. Sigari |Patients' Choice Award, Compassionate Doctor Award and On-Time Doctor Award
Every month, millions of patients across the U.S. access websites like Vitals to share feedback about their experiences with their doctors. Patients rate various components of the care they receive, such as the accuracy of their diagnosis, the amount of time they spent with the doctor, and the doctor’s bedside manner and follow-up care. Patients’ Choice ranks the top reviewed physicians and looks at other quality measures to compile its yearly list.

According to his past patients, Dr. Sigari has been able to offer a truly unique and full service medical experience, blending together cutting edge university style tertiary care with the warm and friendly touch of a small town physician. Dr. Sigari firmly believes that each patient must be empowered with the appropriate knowledge and a full range of treatment options so that he/she can maintain an active role in their own care. Patients repeatedly rave about the quality care they receive which is delivered in a fast, friendly, and efficient manner.

Patients’ Choice provides in depth information on doctors in your area who have been recognized and awarded for outstanding patient care and expertise. The Patients’ Choice Award is the honor roll of physicians who have received the highest ratings by their patients.

Dr. Farhad Sigar - Sinus Doctor and Sinus Surgeon

Dr. Farhad Sigari: The Celebrity Sinus Doctor

Dr. Farhad Sigari never set out to become a celebrity M.D. and is known as the “sinus doctor to the stars,” but the Los Angeles based Otolaryngologist is simply that good. With his humble philosophy of giving people a better quality of life, Dr. Sigari has become a top-rated ears, nose and throat specialist renowned for his superior expertise in providing the most effective, least invasive techniques in his field.

Since opening the Del Rey Sinus and Allergy Institute in Marina Del Rey, CA., Dr. Sigari’s pioneering approach and personable manner has attracted a long list of clients that not only include Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes but all types of patients from across the US and countries around the world.

We had a chance to meet the famous doctor and found him to be as down to earth as his reputation precedes with plenty of expertise he was eager to share.

What first inspired you to become a doctor and what made you decide to specialize in otolaryngology?

When I was about 5 years old, I witnessed a man having a heart attack in a public parking lot. My immediate, overwhelming instinct was wanting to do something to help him and right then and there I decided that I would become a doctor. It was also this desire to help people that drove me to specialize as an ENT, because it’s the most widely encompassed area of care. By being able to help people hear better, breathe better and sleep better, I’m making a significant positive impact on their overall quality of life.

You’re regarded as the top rated sinus doctor in the United States. What sets you apart from others in your field?

I believe it’s my approach to treating patients. First and foremost, I want my patients to have a clear understanding of their individual situation. We go over the details of their history and all of their symptoms very thoroughly, as well as their best possible treatment options. I like to educate my patients to the fullest extent and empower them with information that will allow them to play an active role in determining the best possible sinus treatment plan specific to their individual needs.

Many people don’t realize the serious implications of sinus conditions and how important treatment is. How bad can it get and what are some of the more common conditions you treat?

Like most infections, a sinus infection is bad bacteria and the longer its left untreated, the worse it can spread. The bacteria can cause the skin to break out or it can spread through the nasal passage and go into the eye or in the worst-case scenario, it can even spread to the brain.

Mostly patients come to me with a chronic sinus infection that is severely impeding their quality of life. They’re finding it difficult to breathe, difficult to sleep and understandably, they’re miserable and depressed. A lot people don’t realize that living with a bad sinus problem can be a lot worse than having a heart condition.

You’re also known for having the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments with the highest success rates. Tell us about that?

Having a background in Biomedical Engineering has really given me a unique perspective on the pathophysiology of head and neck disorders, which allows me to seek out the latest technology and utilize it for the lease invasive treatments possible. It can be as minimal as Sublingual Immunotherapy treatment or simply prescribing you the correct nasal spray, and in more serious cases that usually require traditional nasal surgery; I offer a far less invasive procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty. It’s a state-of-the-art sinus treatment that is done right in the office with minimal discomfort and a much faster recovery. Not only is it a lot safer because it doesn’t require general anesthesia, it’s far cheaper because it doesn’t require a hospital stay and people usually recover fast enough that they can return to work within a day.

You also have patients travelling to Los Angeles because you’re one of few doctors in the world offering the “Painless Tonsillectomy.” What is this groundbreaking procedure all about?

As most people know, a traditional tonsillectomy is a very invasive surgery that requires general anesthesia and a long, painful recovery of usually about three weeks. In 2006, laser technology allowed us to develop a new procedure that would change tonsil surgery forever. It’s a procedure called a tissue welding tonsillectomy and it uses an instrument which causes far less damage than traditional tonsil removal surgery. Some of my patients have said they felt no pain at all, but even for those who do feel a little pain it’s by far the least painful option available today. Not to mention that patients can fully recovery in as little as a week.

You also devote a lot of your time to surgical philanthropic work as well. What is Medical Missions for Children?

MMFC is an all-volunteer group of physicians and nurses that provide free surgical care for children with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities. I joined the organization in 2004 and every year since then I’ve taken a few one-week trips to India and Peru, where we usually screen over 100 patients and each surgeon performs about 20-25 surgeries in that week. I’m currently serving as the MMFC’s lead surgeon and I want to continue doing as many missions as I can. As someone who went into the medical field wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, the most rewarding aspect of my work is being to provide such life changing care to these children who need it most.

What do you ultimately hope to achieve in your career?

I just want to keep doing what I’m doing, helping people abroad and here at home. I’m going to continue upping the bar to provide the best quality care and treating all of my patients with that “hometown doctor” warmth big cities so rarely provide.

By: Jane Ritter


Dr. Farhad Sigari Named a 2018 Super Doctor

Congratulations Dr. Farhad Sigari. Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute are honored and proud of your accomplishments. Dr. Sigari has once again been selected as a 2018 Super Doctor again.

This recognition does not come lightly. The multi-step selection process is rigorous and identifies doctors who have a high degree of peer recognition and profession achievement. From a pool of candidates, physicians nominate colleagues that they themselves would choose to see in their perspective specialty. Each candidate goes through extensive research on their qualifications, publications, honors and a panel review.

The Super Doctor list is approximately 5% of the physicians within the respective state or region.

Although Dr. Sigari is very honored, but his biggest achievement is the experience and health of his patients. That is why he is always striving to provide the best and newest technology to offer relief to his patients, such as Balloon Sinus Dilation, Clarifix, and Sinuva Sinus Implant.

Contact us today to make your appointment.


Dr. Farhad Sigari named 2018 Los Angeles Magazine Top Doctor

The hits keep coming. Los Angeles Magazine Top Doctors have recognized Dr. Farhad Sigari as one of their top doctors. Congratulations!

Los Angeles Magazine has decided to undertake the project of organizing a list of L.A.’s top doctors. Guess who’s favorite doctor made the list?

Their process is to initially tap the wisdom of professionals who know medicine and the people working within it. Take the name of the nominated doctors and crosscheck them with the California Medical Board’s license profile database and the Department of Consumer Affairs to look for any major complaints or infractions. Not every nominee made the list.

It’s no wonder that Dr. Sigari was on this list. He has a passion to help his patients and to provide the best and newest technology to offer relief for his patient’s suffering, such as Clarifix and Sinuva Sinus Implant. Dr. Sigari regularly teaches other physicians about the latest techniques and technologies, such as Spirox Latera Implant and Balloon Sinus Dilation.

Del Rey Sinus & Allergy | Allergies

End Chronic Sinusitis

Balloon sinus dilation is the minimally invasive and cost effective way to end sinus suffering once and for all.

Chronic sinus infections, characterized by inflamed and swollen sinuses, are not only a painful condition, but one that can feel like it’s taking over your life. Victims of chronic sinusitis may have difficulty breathing through their nose as the nasal passageways become increasingly inflamed and swollen and often have trouble sleeping. However, the most difficult side effect to deal with is not the inability to breathe easily, but the immobilizing facial pain and tenderness associated with this condition.

Quality of Life

For the occasional sufferer, a sinus infection might not be that big of a deal and is often treatable with a round of antibiotics. For those people dealing with the condition chronically, treatments like this are ineffective and don’t deal with the root of the problem, which has to do with the structural make up of the individuals nasal passageways. Chronic sinusitis, often brought on by an infection, is much more debilitating and can interfere greatly with a persons quality of life. Many victims of chronic sinusitis find that the loss of sleep, due to discomfort and pain, have a negative cumulative effect on their ability to function in their everyday life. For these people, the constant pain, inability to focus, and lack of quality sleep can greatly damage their relationships and productivity.

Balloon Sinus Dilation

If you are experiencing chronic sinus pain and the traditional prescription pills, saline, and nasal sprays have failed, you might be a perfect candidate for sinus surgery. Traditionally, sinus surgery has taken place in the hospital with a long and painful recovery period. Now, with new medical advances, in which our own Dr. Sigari played a pivotal role, you may be eligible for balloon sinus dilation. Approved by the F.D.A. in 2005, Balloon sinus dilation, also known as balloon sinusplasty is an innovative procedure that is minimally invasive and dramatically reduces both recovery time and pain.

No Hospital Time

One of the greatest benefits of balloon sinus dilation is that it can now be performed in our Del Rey Sinus office. Hospital surgeries are typically more difficult and expensive, so this is a huge advantage! Not only will you be avoiding burdensome hospital expenses, but you’ll be able to rest comfortably knowing the doctors and staff who will be helping guide you through the procedure and recovery.

Balloon Sinus Dilation Cost

In most cases balloon sinus dilation is covered by insurance so clients have minimal out of pocket expenses. If you think balloon sinus dilation might be the right solution for you, the best way to estimate the cost is to come into our Del Ray Sinus & Allergy Institute for an evaluation. Our team is here to help our clients answer all questions regarding the procedure, recovery, insurance and costs.

Dr. Sigari and his staff have been practicing balloon sinus dilation therapy for years with hundreds of satisfied patients. This minimally invasive, affordable surgery is the best solution for patients suffering from years of chronic sinus infections. If you’ve been suffering from chronic sinusitis and think you might be a good candidate for the surgery, don’t hesitate to contact our office and set up your no-obligation consultation.


Sinuva Sinus Implant

Dr. Farhad Sigari of Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute Implants the First Sinuva Device in Southern California

This just in!

Dr. Farhad Sigari is the first MD in Southern California to place the brand-new Sinuva sinus device!

One of the most common and persistent conditions we treat at Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute are nasal polyps. These stubborn growths can appear in the nose, and cause breathing difficulty because they obstruct your nasal passageways. In the past, treatments have included surgery, steroid pills or sprays, but even with one or all of these measures, nasal polyps can come back again and again.

Nasal polyps can ruin your whole day

Until now. Just this past December, 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Sinuva sinus device. Once Dr. Sigari implants the small device, it slowly releases steroid medication directly to the sinus passages for up to 90 days. The implant softens over time and after the medication is absorbed, the implant can be easily removed. The implant and removal can be done in a routine office visit, no hospital or surgery needed!

Dr. Sigari just performed the first implant in Southern California, and one of the first in the country, on a patient. The patient is a 53-year-old male who had multiple previous sinus surgeries, including polyp removals. Because of his recurring nasal polyps, this patient was an ideal candidate for the Sinuva implant. Now, a couple of weeks later, he’s showing no signs of irritation or bleeding, and is comfortable and breathing free and easy!

ICYMI, nasal polyps are noncancerous, inflammatory growths along the lining of the nasal passages. They can cause many unpleasant symptoms including runny nose, congestion, facial pain, and a loss of sense of smell. And worst of all, they can keep coming back. But now there’s Sinuva, so stay tuned for more long-term results, from the first clinic to offer the implant in SoCal! If you have any of these symptoms, Sinuva could help you. Let us do a thorough exam and see what’s going on with your sinuses. Give us a call at (310) 823-4444 or email info@delreysinus.com to set an appointment.

Sinuva Sinus Device

Innovative Sinuva™ Sinus Device

Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute® First in Southern California to Complete Implant With Innovative Sinuva™ Sinus Device

Advanced, In-Office Treatment Provides Relief for Chronic Nasal Polyps

Marina Del Rey, Calif. – April 3, 2018 – Farhad Sigari, MD, FACS, founder of Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute and a leading ear nose and throat (ENT) doctor, has performed the first implant in Southern California, and one of the first in the United States, of the new Sinuva sinus device. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December, 2017, Intersect ENT’s Sinuva implant is designed to treat recurring nasal polyps in adults who have had prior ethmoid sinus surgery (ESS).

“Nasal polyps are one of the most persistent and troublesome conditions that we see in our practice,” said Dr. Sigari, a board-certified otolaryngologist. “Even when we surgically remove nasal polyps and the patient exercises ongoing care using steroid sprays or pills, they can return time and again. We are proud to offer this new, advanced and effective treatment choice for patients who have chronic nasal polyps.”

Nasal polyps are noncancerous, inflammatory growths along the lining of the nasal passages. These growths may cause life-affecting symptoms including nasal discharge, congestion, facial pain, and a loss of sense of smell. Many people return to their sinus doctor with recurring polyps even after undergoing previous ethmoid sinus surgery. The Sinuva device is placed during a routine office visit and delivers steroid medication directly to the sinus for up to 90 days. As medication is absorbed, the Sinuva implant softens and may be easily removed.

The first patient treated by Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute is a 53-year-old male who has had several previous sinus procedures, but had recurrence of difficult-to-treat polyps. Dr. Sigari notes that the implant was inserted easily and without complications, and the patient evidenced no discomfort. On subsequent follow-up, the sinuses showed no signs of irritation, infection or bleeding and the implant was working very nicely. The implant is designed to stay in place for up to 3 months, giving the patient continued localized treatment while minimizing systemic effects.

Positive data from the SINUVA Sinus Implant was supported by the results of the RESOLVE II pivotal study. The study demonstrated a reduction in polyps, nasal obstruction/congestion, a reduction in need for repeat sinus surgery, and an improvement in impaired sense of smell.

About Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute

Part of the Del Rey MD family of clinics, Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute is an advanced otolaryngology medical practice. Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute offers a full array of the most advanced and proven techniques for accurate diagnosis and treatment of sinus and allergy conditions, including many minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures. The physicians of Del Rey MD are board-certified surgeons and Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. The practice was founded by Farhad Sigari, MD, FACS, a graduate of University of San Diego and Chicago Medical School, where he also completed surgical internship and residency. The clinics’ areas of expertise include: sinusitis and sinus surgery including balloon sinus dilation; head and neck plastic surgery; snoring and sleep apnea; ear and hearing disorders including aviation and dive medicine; allergy and immunotherapy; head, neck and throat oncology; facial feminization surgery, microdermabrasion, facial masks and contouring and many other surgical and non-surgical treatments. Known for its adoption of the most innovative and advanced techniques, Del Rey MD draws patients from California, across the United States and foreign countries. Offices are located in Marina Del Rey and Bakersfield, California. For more information, visit www.delreysinus.com and www.delreymd.com.


Procedures and surgeries

When we say our sinus procedures are in-office, what does that mean? When is an operating room (OR) needed? And what’s a Joint Commission-certified surgery center? In the Del Rey Sinus blog this time, we’ll answer these questions and more about what goes on in our offices.

First, what’s an in-office procedure? Many of the procedures we perform are quick and virtually pain-free. Because they don’t involve cutting, they can be done right in our office. More specifically, these procedures (such as balloon sinus dilation) can be done in the same room where our doctors perform regular exams. In-office procedures are not only fast and safe, but also because there is no cutting or packing involved, you can recover quickly and be back to work and your regular life the next day. Leave congestion, sinus headache, nasal drip and antibiotics behind in just one day, one visit!

For some of our more complex surgeries, such as endoscopic sinus surgery combined with other procedures like septoplasty, you may be in a surgical setting such as a hospital or our Admiralty Surgery Center. For surgical procedures such as these, local or general anesthesia is required, and because of their more invasive nature, recovery may take a little longer than the in-office procedures.

Our board-certified physicians can perform sinus surgeries at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, which is very close to our offices in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles. For even more convenience, we have a Joint Commission-certified ambulatory surgery center (ASC), that has the highest standard of safety and is located right next to our offices. We are proud that we can provide world-class health care, from diagnostics to surgical procedures, right in one location, meaning you don’t have to run all over town to take care of your sinus and allergy issues.

Finally, what’s a Joint Commission-certified organization? The Joint Commission is an independent, non-profit agency that accredits and certifies health care providers across the United States. They hold providers to the highest standards of safety and positive patient outcomes, and their certification is recognized nationwide as the standard for excellence. The Joint Commission awards its Gold Seal of Approval following written and on-site surveys to verify the health and safety standards. We are proud that our Admiralty Surgery Center holds a Gold Seal of Approval, and is part of a larger movement to control infection and disease, and improve patient safety, in the U.S.

For more information about our treatments, and how we can help you to breathe better, contact us today!

Antibiotics for sinus infections - yes or no?

Antibiotics for Sinus Infections – Yes or No?

One of the most common complaints from our new patients is that they have been taking antibiotics for a very long time, and they don’t work on their sinus conditions, such as sinusitis, sinus infection or post-nasal drip. In fact , most people who have sinus infections should not be treated with antibiotics because the drugs are unlikely to help. The question begs, are antibiotics for sinus infection effective?

Because many general physicians are not sinus experts specifically trained in disorders of the nose and sinuses, antibiotics are often prescribed when they should not be. Sinus infections are the fifth-leading cause for antibiotic prescriptions; however, 90% of the time or more, the infection is not bacterial but viral – which means antibiotics won’t help! ( And as we noted in another post , using decongestants and antihistamines aren’t helpful and may make symptoms worse.)

Beyond that, overuse of antibiotics has other bad effects, including helping “superbugs” develop which are resistant to drugs, and decreasing your own responsiveness to antibiotics when they are needed.

There isn’t a simple test that determines whether your condition is bacterial or viral. That’s why it’s important to have an ENT doctor and sinus doctor who is an expert in these conditions. The doctors of Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute have seen thousands of cases over the years, so their experience can help you quickly get back to health.

Bacterial sinus infections

Your sinus infection may be caused by bacteria, and should be treated with antibiotics, if these criteria are true:

  • symptoms last for 10 days or more and are not improving
  • symptoms are severe, including fever of 102 degrees Fahrenheit or more, nasal discharge and facial pain lasting three to four days
  • symptoms get worse, with new fever, headache or increased nasal discharge

If an antibiotic is prescribed, we recommended taking antibiotics for five to seven days, which is long enough for the treatment of adults but doesn’t encourage bacterial resistance.

Because sinus infections can look similar to other disorders, you need treatment by an expert. Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute has the latest diagnostic equipment and a full range of sinus treatments to help you get back to health and breathe better, today.