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Here at Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute in Marina Del Rey – Los Angeles, we have the skill, expertise and technology to accurately diagnose your condition and most importantly, help you to breathe better, today!

Sinus Headache

When your sinuses are inflamed, through allergy, bacteria or other causes, the area of your sinuses, inside your forehead, cheekbones and behind the bridge of your nose produces excessive mucus. The channels and pathways that normally  drain the mucus can become blocked. This leads to that build-up of pressure that feels like a headache, but can be much more painful. We can help.


Allergies are commonly misdiagnosed as sinusitis or sinus infection. It can be tricky to know what condition you have, even for your general physician. Los Angeles allergy doctor and sinus expert Dr. Farhad Sigari can help.

Nasal Obstruction

The nasal passage is very important to breathing. About 70% of airflow to the lungs is from nasal breathing, so if your nasal passages are blocked, you may have trouble breathing and sleeping. Learn more about these conditions and how we can set your nasal passages free.