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There in no shortage of  Los Angeles otolaryngologists (you know them as ENTs or ear, nose and throat doctors). The differences between them, however, vary greatly and one of the most important criteria for selecting the ENT who can best serve your needs among the Los Angeles otolaryngologists is something that does not usually appear on a curriculum vitae or a professional resume.

In an era when many doctors have succumbed to the process of limiting patient face time to help increase productivity, Dr. Farhad Sigari is a welcome exception.

When you visit Dr. Sigari, you will meet with a Los Angeles otolaryngologist who respects your time and the effort you made to see him. Your consultation will be relaxed and informal and you will find that Dr. Sigari will take whatever time is needed to get to the root of your allergy, sinus, headache or other issue. If Dr. Sigari recommends testing to confirm a diagnosis, you’re assured of the latest technology, performed by an experienced, caring staff.

But most important, you will be well on your way to receiving a comprehensive, long-term treatment plan designed to make your condition a thing of the past.

In the world of Los Angeles otolaryngologists, that type of appointment is rare. But Dr. Sigari’s concern for the well-being of his patients is too important to limit to a specific length. The success of this concerned attitude shows in the large number of patients who have rated Dr. Sigari highly on Internet reporting sites.

His patients have voted to award him the Patients’ Choice Award several times and Dr. Sigari is ranked nationally by Healthtap.com in multiple areas of expertise. Dr. Sigari is a five-time recipient of the “Compassionate Doctor” award as well as the recipient of many other patient-oriented accolades.

Patients appreciate the care and concern of Dr. Sigari and his staff and the unhurried feeling they get when they visit.

Finally Long-lasting relief is here

At the office of Dr. Farhad Sigari, we see patients like you every day. Their symptoms range from manageable to debilitating and everything in-between, but they all have at least one thing in common: They have tried other remedies with no success.

The difference with Dr. Sigari is the thorough effort he and his staff will make to discover the root of your medical issue, whether it is sinus pain, constant allergies, debilitating headaches, or any other issue involving the ear, nose or throat. Once that has been determined, he will recommend the latest treatment options, not because they are new, but because they have been shown to work on people with similar conditions.

Dr. Farhad Sigari, Los Angeles Otolaryngologist

Dr. Sigari is a one of the top otolaryngologists (ENT doctor) in the Los Angeles area because he provides comprehensive, advanced solutions to the many sinus, headache, and allergy issues, including:

  • Sublingual immunotherapy Los Angeles
  • Balloon Sinuplasty Los Angeles
  • Sinus treatment Los Angeles
  • Sinus surgery Los Angeles
  • Prescription medications
  • And more

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