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If sinus problems are bothering you or a loved one for the first time, or if the symptoms are relatively mild, your first step to relieve your sinus pain will probably be to try an over-the-counter solutions such as a spray or non-prescription medication.

There’s usually no harm in taking this first step. But many people persist in using over-the-counter remedies long past the time when they should have made an appointment with an otolaryngologist (ENT) such as Dr. Farhad Sigari.

We often hear patients tell us that they are not sure they should come in or that they waited too long to come in. To help you determine whether you need to make an appointment with Dr. Sigari for your sinus problem, please review this list of symptoms. If one or more of them persists for longer than 48 hours, your sinus condition probably needs the help of Dr. Sigari and his friendly staff. The symptoms are:

  • Pain in the face or teeth. This may also feel less like pain and more like pressure.
  • Pain in the area from your nose to your lower eyelid. Usually indicates a sinus problem in this area.
  • Headache. Though headaches could be of several origins not related to your sinuses, Dr. Sigari can still help. That’s why some patients refer to him as the “headache doctor.”
  • A fever over 101 degrees. This is often misdiagnosed as another condition but could be sinus-related.
  • Nasal discharge that is thick and either yellow or green.
  • No improvement to your over-the-counter solutions

If one or more of these symptoms do persist after 48 hours, Dr. Sigari will conduct a specialized examination of your nasal passages and upper throat to help determine the cause of your sinus problem. In some patients, sinus complaints are due to the presence of nasal polyps. If polyps are causing blockages in your nasal cavity, Dr. Sigari will recommend proven treatments and help you make an informed decision on your next steps.

As an ENT, Dr. Sigari is also able to diagnose and treat your sinus problem if it is the result of an allergy. For many patients, tests to determine allergic “triggers” help to avoid future contact with potential allergens.

About Your Los Angeles Sinus Doctor, Farhad Sigari

Dr. Sigari has become a highly rated ENT’s (otolaryngologist) in the Los Angeles area due to his medical experience and due to his understanding and compassion. Dr. Sigari is board-certified and offers advanced allergy and sinus treatments such as sublingual immunotherapy, sinus surgeries, and Balloon Sinuplasty.

Dr. Sigari has been awarded the Patients’ Choice Award several times. Dr. Sigari is an allergist and Los Angeles sinus doctor ranked nationally by Healthtap.com in multiple areas of expertise and his excellent patient reviews are a testament to his high standards of patient satisfaction. Dr. Sigari has multiple areas of ENT expertise including sinus surgeries, and has often been referred to as the “Los Angeles Sinus Doctor.” Thanks to his skills in all areas of sinus care, other patients affectionately refer to him as their “headache doctor” or “allergy doctor.”

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