Procedures and surgeries

Procedures and surgeries

When we say our sinus procedures are in-office, what does that mean? When is an operating room (OR) needed? And what’s a Joint Commission-certified surgery center? In the Del Rey Sinus blog this time, we’ll answer these questions and more about what goes on in our offices.

First, what’s an in-office procedure? Many of the procedures we perform are quick and virtually pain-free. Because they don’t involve cutting, they can be done right in our office. More specifically, these procedures (such as balloon sinus dilation) can be done in the same room where our doctors perform regular exams. In-office procedures are not only fast and safe, but also because there is no cutting or packing involved, you can recover quickly and be back to work and your regular life the next day. Leave congestion, sinus headache, nasal drip and antibiotics behind in just one day, one visit!

For some of our more complex surgeries, such as endoscopic sinus surgery combined with other procedures like septoplasty, you may be in a surgical setting such as a hospital or our Admiralty Surgery Center. For surgical procedures such as these, local or general anesthesia is required, and because of their more invasive nature, recovery may take a little longer than the in-office procedures.

Our board-certified physicians can perform sinus surgeries at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, which is very close to our offices in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles. For even more convenience, we have a Joint Commission-certified ambulatory surgery center (ASC), that has the highest standard of safety and is located right next to our offices. We are proud that we can provide world-class health care, from diagnostics to surgical procedures, right in one location, meaning you don’t have to run all over town to take care of your sinus and allergy issues.

Finally, what’s a Joint Commission-certified organization? The Joint Commission is an independent, non-profit agency that accredits and certifies health care providers across the United States. They hold providers to the highest standards of safety and positive patient outcomes, and their certification is recognized nationwide as the standard for excellence. The Joint Commission awards its Gold Seal of Approval following written and on-site surveys to verify the health and safety standards. We are proud that our Admiralty Surgery Center holds a Gold Seal of Approval, and is part of a larger movement to control infection and disease, and improve patient safety, in the U.S.

For more information about our treatments, and how we can help you to breathe better, contact us today!

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