Ten Signs You May Need to See a Sinus Doctor

According to a 2012 survey reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28.5 million adult Americans have been diagnosed with sinusitis. This represents 12% of the adult population.

In an effort to clear up some of the confusion over what constitutes sinusitis, we have created a list ten signs that your cold or allergy may actually be sinusitis. If you suffer from any of these, permanent relief may be as close as the office of sinus doctor and sinus surgeon, Farhad Sigari, MD.

  1. Phlegm. Nighttime or morning coughing accompanied by the presence of phlegm may be a sinusitis symptom.
  2. Stuffy nose. Most people get a stuffy nose from time to time. The difference with potential sinusitis is that the stuffy nose lasts longer than a day or two. Dr. Sigari, an allergy doctor, can help.
  3. Reduced or absence of your sense of smell. Inflamed sinuses can wreak havoc on your sense of smell as the stuffed sinuses become more inflamed.
  4. Facial pressure. Sinus congestion can cause facial pain and pressure. We have had many patients who have described this as the worst pain they have ever felt.
  5. Headaches. This is usually the result of the tightening of muscles around the top of your head in response to sinus pressure. Some people see a headache doctor when they fail to make the connection between these headaches and their sinuses and misdiagnose them as “migraines.”
  6. Aching teeth. Dentists sometimes see patients who are complaining of teeth pain when they should be seeing Dr. Sigari. Teeth pain related to sinusitis is general in nature, not the located in a single tooth as a normal toothache would.
  7. Appearance of green or yellow mucus. Mucus is supposed to be clear. When it is not, it is usually the result of the white blood cells in your immune system trying to fight your sinus condition.
  8. Bad breath. Another frequently misdiagnosed sinusitis symptom is bad breath, which is the result of the smell of the bacteria that is causing your sinusitis. Effective sinus treatment can clear up your chronic bad breath.
  9. Fever. A sinus infection can cause a fever through an increase in your body temperature as your immune system attempts to kill bacteria causing your sinus problems.
  10. Head movement causes pain. On occasion, plugged sinuses are a problem when you move your head, particularly as you lean forward. This is the result of a disruption in your sense of balance.

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