Spirox Latera Solution

Spirox Latera Solution

Spirox Latera Solution for Nasal Airway Obstruction

Breathing through your nose accounts for about 70% of the air that reaches your lungs. Millions of Americans suffer from nasal airway obstruction (NAO), which impacts everyday life and basic activities such as normal breathing and sleeping. These nasal airway obstructions can result from many factors including septal deviation and enlarged turbinates.

One of the less-diagnosed causes of nasal obstruction is weakening of the upper and/or lower nasal lateral wall cartilage, leading to nasal valve collapse. Even a minor blockage of this important area can cause significant difficulty breathing and affect your quality of life. Nasal valve collapse has been historically difficult to treat because earlier techniques were invasive and could result in cosmetic change of the patient.

An expert physician like Farhad Sigari, M.D. has the tools and the training to accurately determine the type of nasal airway obstruction that you have. In the case of nasal valve collapse, Dr. Sigari is one of the first physicians in the United States to offer a new, advanced treatment: the Spirox Latera nasal implant.

The Spirox Latera implant is made from an absorbable material that dissolves naturally. The implant can be placed in just a few minutes and offers immediate relief from breathing obstruction due to nasal valve collapse.

Check out these key advantages of the Spirox Latera implant:

  • U.S. FDA approved
  • Immediate relief
  • Proven safe and effective in trials and clinical use
  • Minimal complications
  • No cosmetic changes
  • Minimal pain on implantation (local anaesthesia can be used), no pain after implant.
  • Fast procedure – implant can be placed in a few minutes
  • No down time after procedure; resume your normal activity right away

There has been a lot of positive press about this advanced technique. Now it’s available close to home, at the Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute. Here is some of the recent coverage of this innovative technology:

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Dr. Sigari is proud to be one of the first physicians in the United States to offer relief with the innovative Latera implant. Get in touch with us today to learn whether this advanced device is right for you.

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