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Read David M.‘s review of Farhad Sigari, MD, FACS – Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute on Yelp

I went to Doctor Sigari because of all of the good comments I saw for him on Yelp.

I was not disappointed. Because of a crash into someone when I was on roller skates I knew I had a deviated septum many years ago, but I didn’t do anything about it. More recently I had trouble breathing, headaches every day, all day and trouble going back to sleep if I woke up. A doctor told me if I had headaches when I woke up in the morning, then my brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I looked on Yelp for a good doctor. When I went to see him he put me on an apparatus that showed the extent of the problem.

Dr. Sigari does the operation in his office, with the patient taking Ativan beforehand. I’m sure he gave me a local anesthetic (such as lidocaine) because I felt no pain during the whole procedure. My husband was invited to watch the entire operation and I was conscious throughout.

The doctor’s staff was extremely solicitous for me, calling to see if I needed anything and suggesting help if needed. They were more than solicitous, they were loving. The doctor himself encouraged their kind care. It was a very safe environment.

So he checked me in office visits a couple of times and then the healing took care of the rest. Now I can fully breathe, no more stuffy nose, no more headaches, and I go back to sleep very well whenever I wake up at night. For me, it is almost miraculous. I have Doctor Sigari and his staff in the highest regard. I know that he gives the same, very professional care to anyone who comes to him for help.

He deserves 5 stars.

Cheri And Tony D.

I just got out of sinus surgery a few hours ago and I can’t believe how professional and skilled Dr. Sigari was. He talked me through the entire procedure and made sure I was comfortable the entire way. I don’t have any pain whatsoever, just an oozing nose with a bandage under my nostrils (exactly as I was told to expect).

Dr. Sigari was able to do a surgery that would usually need general anesthesia in a hospital, but he did it right in his office! I think local anesthetic is way safer than being knocked out.

Afterwards I was able to see the entire surgery on a video monitor. Even though he’s probably got way better things to do he actually took the time to show me. It was unbelievable to see the Image Guided sinus surgery along with the balloon sinuolplasty thing in action.

I am thoroughly impressed by his genuine interest in my comfort, the professional attitude and bed side manner, and the level of technology he has incorporated into the practice. I truly don’t think I could have been in better hands.


I was Suffering from Sinus Problems for last 20 Yrs or so which, I never took care of the problem till I met Dr.Sigari. He Explained to me how easy ,new and effective Sinus Balloon Surgery is and how is going to fix my Sinus Problems.
Fist Thing he did was a Sinus Cat Scan and Next thing you know, my Sinuses were Blocked and needed to be Fixed.
The Procedure took about only 45 Min and I recovered in 3 days.
The Staff are Very Nice to me and Wait time was less than 3 min by Appointment.
I really like to Thank Dr.Sigari and his Staff for the Wonderful Service at their Clinic in Marina Del Ray.

Rama J.

Love Dr Sargari. He spent a quality amount of time with me during each of my visits and sat down to explain and answer my questions until i reached my sense of security. He discussed many treatments options in details with pro and cons, and helped me understand the steps of procedure as we as recovery process. During the procedure, he made me calm and painless. I am very grateful that i have found Dr Sagari and let him took care of nasal congestion problem. I had another ENT doctor before Sagari who is also great but never spent longer than 2 minutes to discuss with me on my conditions. Dr. Sagari is different, and his knowledgeable and his skills are outstanding. I highly recommend him!

John Wayne Z.

Just had Sinus + Tonsil surgery with Dr. Sigari.
Put simply: Dr. Sigari and his staff are the best.
Thank you.

Context: I have visited over 10 ENT doctors in my life.
Very happy to have found Dr. Sigari.

Sho R.

Had tonsillectomy, sepotplasty, turbinate reduction and uvulectomy done by Dr. Sigari on 12/30/16. The office staff is very helpful, professional and friendly. Dr. Sigari was great throughout the whole process answering all my questions and explained everything about the procedures. He is very easy going and personable. All four procedures were a success and I am so pleased with the results. I had little to no pain in my nose and tonsils and just minor pain from the uvula being removed. I was eating Lo Mein noodles just a few hours after getting home from the surgery. After 4 days I was eating chicken and steak. After 5 days I was feeling great. I am now able to breath better and it stopped my snoring, which was my major concern. If you want a great doctor who uses the most advanced surgical instrument for this procedure or any of your ENT needs you need to see Dr. Sigari. Thank you Dr. Sigari, my family and I appreciate how you have improved my quality of life.

Chris L.

I have been wanting to have sinus work done for many years but was flat scared after seeing what others had suffered through. After reading the glowing reviews I was cautiously willing to try a consultation. Dr Sigari made me feel so comfortable and his description of the process sounded so extremely efficient, minimally invasive, and sincerely service oriented. He delivered on the promise at a very high level and my only regret is not having done it sooner. Dr Sigari, everyone in the office, the entire process was as pleasant as this sort of thing can be- Thank You-and highly recommended!

Jeff L.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sigari. I’m 33 and have been putting off getting my tonsils out because of the horror stories I’ve heard from friends and I’ve read about on the internet. The whole experience was so good that I can honestly say I would do it again. Day #1 was the only really painful day but you take your meds every 4 hours and sleep through it. The rest were just varying degrees of a sore throat…totally tolerable. I have two little kids under 4 and was taking care of them by the 3rd day (even though I had my mom staying with us for that very reason), and I was eating solids by day 3-4. I went back to work exactly 7 days after my procedure without even thinking about my throat. He is amazing and kind and goes out of his way to make sure all of your needs are met. My husband is up next, of course only because he watched me do it first…;)

Courtney K.

I was referred to Dr. Sigari for my chronic allergies and sinus infections and just had my six week checkup after having his sinus balloon dilation procedure. For years I had almost constant sinus pain, seasonal allergy flare-ups and would get water stuck in my upper sinuses after surfing. After the dilation and turbinate work, I can breathe so much more freely now! My sinus pain has disappeared and I can smell so much more intensely now. Dr. Sigari was friendly, and explained everything to me so I could make an informed decision about whether we should perform the procedure and I’m so glad that I did. Highly recommended!

Austin R.