ClariFix Technology Freezes Irritated Nasal Tissue for Long-Lasting Relief of Rhinitis Symptoms, Runny Nose, and Congestion

Did you know? Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute physician Dr. Farhad Sigari has been selected to participate in the first, limited release of the innovative ClariFix medical device. The FDA-approved ClariFix device instantly freezes irritated nasal tissue to provide long-lasting relief of symptoms of chronic rhinitis (CR), including congestion and runny nose. This technology is available to patients of Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute in the Marina Del Rey and Bakersfield offices.

“We seek the best possible outcomes for our patients, and when there is a significant, proven advance that allows us to give better results with lower risk and downtime, we will quickly adopt it,” said Dr. Sigari. “With this in-office, non-invasive solution, we can provide relief that’s truly superior to medical treatments. I’m honored to be part of the first release of the ClariFix device.”

ClariFix is a cryosurgical tool that was recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is currently in use by fewer than two dozen ENT doctors in the country. Dr. Sigari is one of fewer than two dozen ENT doctors in the country to have this advanced technology in-office, and the only MD outside the university setting to use the device in California. Procedures using the ClariFix instrument may be performed in the office, with local or topical anesthesia. A typical treatment takes around 30 minutes, and is proven to significantly decrease runny nose and congestion symptoms.

Rhinitis, or inflammation of the nasal membrane, affects around 25 million people, and causes blockage of nasal passages and overproduction of mucus. For patients whose rhinitis causes severe congestion or other conditions, it can lead to disruption of sleep and serious health consequences. Rhinitis may be resistant to medical treatment such as nasal sprays, drops, and pills, which can become ineffective as patients build immunity. In severe cases, patients may require surgery.

The ClariFix device allows the physician to deliver cryotherapy to the back of the patient’s nose using a tiny balloon that is attached to the end of a wand. Freezing destroys and shrinks the inflamed tissue, providing lasting symptom relief in the patient.

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Dr. Sigari is now offering Clarifix in his LA and Bakersfield offices. Clarifix instantly freezes irritated nasal tissue that provides long-lasting relief from Rhinitis symptoms, runny nose, and congestion.
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