Turbinate Treatment

Turbinate treatment consist of several options for treatment of enlarged turbinates, both surgical and non-surgical.

Enlarged turbinates (also called turbinate hypertrophy) can impair your breathing and affect your quality and enjoyment of life. Turbinate hypertrophy congests and blocks nasal breathing causing breathing trouble at night and snoring, chronic nosebleeds and chronic sinus infections. Simple measures such as using a humidifier or properly treating allergies can help control the swelling of turbinates for some people. These measures can be effective, depending on the underlying cause of your enlarged turbinates. Surgical therapy are reserved for patients with persistent turbinate hypertrophy and who are not responding to medical management. Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute can help determine the best treatment action for your turbinate treatment.

For long-term treatment of chronically enlarged turbinates, surgery may be necessary. In these cases, the enlargement and the resulting obstruction of the nasal passages is due to structural issues of the nose.

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Surgical reduction of the turbinates is a safe and effective way to restore breathing function to the airway. Dr. Sigari’s most important decision will be if the hypertrophy is bony, mucosal or a combination of both. This determination will dictate the path. The surgeon uses an endoscope to precisely target the turbinate, and will use specialized surgical tools to reduce the bone beneath the turbinate, or reduce the tissue around the turbinate.

Enlarged turbinates are only one of many potential causes of sinus trouble and breathing problems. If you want to restore airflow so you can breathe again, and have been diagnosed with turbinate hypertrophy or think you may have enlarged turbinates, make an appointment with us.  The physicians of Del Rey Sinus & Allergy Institute have the latest diagnostic equipment, available in-house, to properly assess your condition and make the best recommendation for you.

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